About the ‘Art’

India has extensive range of natural stones including marble, granite, limestone, quartz, pallava which are available in different parts of the country. The history of using stone for carving and construction in India dated back to 3200 BC. The stone work is completely handcrafted by skilled artisans or kaarigars (as termed in local language), using various hand tools. 


The process of carving begins with selection of stone and a sculptor model (usually made of clay or wax). The model is used to copy the work in stone by using callipers or a pointing machine.

The artisan begins by knocking off, large chunks of unwanted stone, with pitching tool which is often used for breaking down the stone. Once the basic shape of the statue is carved out, the sculptor uses other tools to refine the figure. The next step is polishing on the carved structure, which is usually done by using sandpaper or sand cloth.  

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About Ankitam International

Crafting unique experiences since 2019,  Ankitam International brings together the finest handmade stone products for Hospitality Industry, Foreign buyers & Corporate gifting companies.

Our unique range of products crafted by local artisans will instantly elevate the look of any place.  From amenity boxes to serving trays, bathroom amenities to luxury decor, we offer all to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property. 

The raw material used for crafting articles include (but not limited to) marble, soapstone, alabaster, semi precious stones and glass.

All the products can be designed and manufactured as per the requirement of client.

Worldwide Delivery

We ensure fast and safe delivery across the globe.

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We guarantee best after sales service to make sure our customers are being answered fast.

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