Quality Check by Ankitam

At Ankitam, through Quality Control (QC) we ensure the quality is maintained and our clients receive defect free product. Arrays of pre defined steps are followed, starting from testing the raw material, analysing product after every stage of manufacturing and final quality check before packing and dispatch. We ensure quality and timely delivery to our clients.

Product Concept: A concept is designed with an idea & inputs from our in house design team, to develop a new product which is elegant yet functionl. The products are also customised as per the client’s request, which goes through various processes.  

R & D: A lot of time and effort is put towards planning, redesigning & creating new products; this includes introducing new material, using new techniques & tools. At our facility we work for constant improvement of design and product.

Prototype Development: The concept of the product is put into shape.

Monitor: Any defects, are then removed, which have been missed in previous steps are taken care of.

Testing: A few samples are created after analysing 

Manufacturing: The process starts after the final prototype has been approved by our team and our client.

Packing: Safe & Robust packaging is done for individual piece and then put together for shipment.